Landscaping Real Estate San Francisco“All Seasons Gardening Services” works with many local real estate agents and companies to help preparing homes for sale.

You can see some samples of our work in our Fence Installation & Repair Gallery.

There is often a need for a quick “make over” to a home to get it on the market on time and All Seasons Gardening are experts in preparing homes for sale rapidly and in a professional way. We do everything from a quick work on the landscape or hardwood floors to painting, fixing electrical installations, plumbing, etc.

When a home goes up for sale, there is also sometimes a need for larger jobs, such as trash hauling services, hot tub removal, shed demolition, etc. We can help out with any of those as well.

Not only will our gardeners take care of all the weeding, trimming, etc. necessary to give the house the necessary “curb appeal”, they will also cleanup the yard.

If necessary, we can also install a new lawn and irrigation systems if needed; as a finishing touch, decorative wood back and flowers can also be added.

You can see some of our work for real estate in our Landscape Staging Gallery.

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