Choosing Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Bay Area Yard

Warmer seasons and minimal rainfall have created an ongoing water shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Since many residents faced challenging water restrictions and mandates, they searched for water-saving ways. They found [...]

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Tips for Weed Control for Your Backyard

Your lawn and garden provide luxuriant beauty that can be appreciated and admired by yourself, your family, your neighbors, and casual passers-by. However, weeds are seemingly ubiquitous intruders that tarnish the appearance of your landscape. [...]

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Save the Headaches and Hire a Sprinkler Installation Professional

Every homeowner should want a nice-looking yard and a healthy green lawn. They add beauty to the property, value for the homeowner, and might keep the neighbors happier too. But a healthy lawn is more [...]

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How Much Water is Enough for a Healthy Lawn

One of the greatest challenges homeowners face in maintaining a healthy lawn is knowing how much water the grass needs. Lawns that don’t receive enough water quickly become dry and individual blades of grass begin [...]

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The Hazards of Overgrown Ivy and How to Remove it

Although ivy can be an attractive plant when well-maintained, overgrown ivy quickly causes a host of issues for homeowners and those who manage commercial properties. When ivy grows near trees, for example, its added weight [...]

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Creating Defensible Space – How to Prevent Another Firestorm

The hills of Oakland, California experienced a devastating fire on October 19, 1991 that killed 25 people and burned more than 3,000 homes. Fire previously struck the same area in 1923, 1970, and 1980, yet [...]

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How to Get Your Backyard BBQ-Ready

Although many city governments still prohibit large gatherings due to coronavirus, homeowners understandably want to make the best of warm weather to host smaller gatherings. The backyard barbeque is a time-honored tradition that might look [...]

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Rototilling Tips for a Healthier Lawn or Garden

A rototiller is a piece of lawn and garden equipment that can be especially useful when turning over soil and leveling the ground. People use rototillers to install news lawns, rejuvenate existing lawns, or prepare [...]

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