Overgrown Backyard and Lot Cleanup

Professionally clear lawns, bushes, and other vegetation gone wild


Mother Nature is a powerful force. For many homeowners, it can come a shock just how quickly a once-manicured backyard gets overrun by unwanted weeds, ivy, and various scrub bushes.

Particularly in the Spring and early Summer months, growth occurs at an impressive rate. Before long, the scope of a potential backyard clean-up project can become more than you can handle with a pair of garden shears and a lawn mower in one afternoon.

If your backyard, vacant lot, or other outdoor spaces have gone wild on you, contact the professionals at All Seasons Gardening Services to get things back under control quickly. With proper equipment and an experienced staff of hard-working gardeners, we’ll get your backyard BBQ-ready in no time!

Reliable Workers

All Seasons Gardening Services takes pride in our hard-working crew ability to clear-out and clean-up backyards and outdoor spaces throughout the Bay Area efficiently and effectively.

yard worker doing clean-up

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Let us clear unsightly weeds, tame overgrown bushes, trim back trees, and get your outdoor space ready for play, relaxation, and whatever other fresh air activities you enjoy.

completed backyard cleanup

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