Trees offer beauty, fresh air, and shade to residential and commercial properties. However, there are times when it’s wise to remove trees that are unhealthy, present safety risks, or just don’t fit into your landscape design. After identifying these trees, you’ll want to hire professional tree service specialists to remove them quickly and safely.

By resisting the temptation to do the job yourself, you’ll be able to fully enjoy a backyard space that’s ready for new landscaping possibilities.

Signs of When to Remove a Tree

Trees that are dead or dying are obvious candidates for removal. Here are some other signals for of when to remove tree that you may not notice right away.

#1 Disease

Trees get sick just as people do. Just as people succumb to diseases that are caused by pathogens, trees develop ailments that are often caused by fungus and insect infestations. Sometimes a tree will appear healthy to the untrained eye, but it has interior decay. If left unchecked, this tree will die, and it may spread its disease to other trees and plants on your property. Removing the tree is the best option in this case.

#2 Landscape Changes

You’ve decided to change your landscape design to include a large vegetable garden. The only space that you have is overshadowed by a large tree in your backyard. The tree’s branches are thick and plentiful and trimming them to let in the sunshine wouldn’t be effective. Removing the tree is the only option to get the sunlight that you need for a good harvest.

#3 Encroachment

Encroachment on a house, outbuildings, or a patio is a key sign that you need to have a tree removed. Trees that grow too close to buildings or structures have limbs that can damage people and property if a strong wind knocks them down. Tree roots often stretch out several feet and can ruin driveways, patios, and children’s playsets. When a tree grows too close to structures and landscaping that you want to protect, it’s often best to remove it.

#4 Lot Clearing

Building your dream home from the ground up is both exciting and challenging. If your lot is packed with trees, you’ll need to remove many of them to start your building project. Professional tree removers can help you to identify trees that you need to remove and those that are worth keeping. They have the know-how and equipment to clear lots of multiple trees efficiently so that you can keep your construction schedule on track. They understand local codes regarding tree removal and will help you to comply with the law while still getting your space requirements for building.

#5 Fire or Power Line Hazard

Here in the Bay Area, we are all keenly aware of the risk of wildfires. Trees that encroach upon power lines are an obvious risk. Additionally, unhealthy trees that are overly dry can catch fire more easily and make it very difficult to create a defensible area around your home for fire protection.

Why Hire a Professional

Cutting down a tree seems like a straightforward task. After all, America’s forefathers cut down trees all the time to build cabins and get firewood for cooking and heating their homes. However, times have changed. Today’s trees are surrounded by homes and other buildings. If they are cut down the wrong way, they can come crashing down on those structures, causing damage that’s difficult and costly to fix.

Removing mature, tall trees can also be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. Some trees are so large that they have to be cut and removed in sections. Professionals must use hoists and lifts to bring these giants down safely without harming themselves in the process. When do-it-yourselfers try to fell big trees themselves while on a ladder, they risk being knocked to the ground by heavy tree branches.

Hiring a professional to remove trees on your property isn’t only safer than doing it yourself, but it’s also more efficient. Tree removal specialists can quickly assess your property and create a plan of action for taking down trees that’s fast and safe. With their help, you’ll have more time to do the things that you enjoy instead of risking bodily harm trying to remove a large tree yourself.


While healthy, mature trees are a blessing, property owners often forget that diseased, overcrowded, or encroaching trees can cause significant damage when left unaddressed. Hiring a specialist to remove those trees will give you peace of mind and a better-maintained yard.